Fall Photo Blog 2010

Fall Photo Blog 2010

I am back from a hiatus from writing any new entries since Woody has passed on. Once again a singular large presence that volunteered for the greater good of the art community has passed on. It’s a little staggering to think of how much work Nick Sousanis and his brother have put into the site, and then that was followed by the anonymous writings and listings of Woody Miller. I am still very interested in finding other people who would want to contribute to this site. It has built into it, a lot of love, and just in terms of a vault, there’s a lot of history here that deserves to live on through people contributing new articles! There is word that CCS may begin starting their own critical publication, one that you can hold in your hands! But I think that in the meantime if we want to support these efforts, working on something like this is a great transition to practice reflecting and posing a dialogue about what’s going on around us.

So a lot of news sources missed writing about Art Detroit Now, but an even less covered event may have been the open studios that followed on the 9th!
I missed Bjork and Matthew Barney and David Byrne since I was in Glasgow so I was set to meet new artists, and see new spaces I’ve never been to before to make up for it.

Also two new additions to the gallery listings for artists:
Public Pool
District VII
(Thanks Markus!)

Yes Farm ScreenprintingSo I’ve been here before, but I made the mistake of getting involved without asking for clarification, thus I silk screened a bunch of KT Andresky’s nice clothes with the text: “It’s a bad time to teach”, which was supposed to be as an inside joke for my friends who are adjunct professors. The clothes were for sale (and I believe are still for sale) during the Yes Farm Benefit during the studio tour.

George Rahme and Christina GalassoI like when people open up their homes. It helps me find out how many of my neighbors are artists, and there are plenty in Hamtramck. This is a nicely laid out wall of art by Christina Galasso. She and George Rahme live at 1939 Belmont.

George Rahme and Christina GalassoTwo little suitcases by Christina Galasso that was also in a glass case along with work that they’ve purchased of friends’ work.

George Rahme and Christina GalassoGeorge Rahme let me into their beautifully lit studio on the top floor where the magic happens. I took plenty more pictures of his work, but his work needs to be experienced in person because, they’re not your average collages.

Andy KriegerPopps Packing has a great solo show up of Andy Krieger’s works. His figures float so from certain angles they’re in an existential void and others, simply an illustrative pictorial plane.

Andy KriegerI personally just really like when painters are inspired by photographs, this one is based on a time lapsed photo of someone jumping over someone else. The important part is obviously that in order to distinguish between the two, one person wears a hat. Also Andy Krieger

Andy KriegerWho doesn’t love dioramas? Ok, that’s the last Andy Krieger piece I’ll put up. There was plenty to like.

2739 EdwinSome people put up artwork by their children on their refrigerator, Steve Panton puts show cards from shows at his home on his. Recognize any of the past shows?

2739 EdwinThis is a shot that I had Rebecca Cook reenact for me, even though she’s not into that kind of thing, because I think it’s pretty crazy when you think about how photojournalists really get into this middle of things in order to get their shot. There’s more going on at the gallery as well. Check out 2739edwin.com for more details.

Mike HanLater that night many of us went out to support Mike Han and his efforts to either get young people to come to Detroit, and possibly live here, himself included and he brought a social network with him.

Mike HanMike Han’s event took place at 5e gallery, which I’ve never been to, but it is a pretty big space for art. Speaking of large spaces, if you haven’t seen the 3rd floor of the North End studios or District VII there are some massive spaces opening up right now. Keep your eyes open on Eastern Market as well.

Mike HanThis is the entrance to District VII’s opening night, Art Meets Technology. There’s no way anyone would ever be find this place right now when the garage door’s not up, but they worked their connections and brought together all of those artists that always know where to go.

Mike HanThis is an image of Dozier’s work at District VII. I just helped him put up his work on thedetroiter.com, but I’m just realizing now that his work in person puts those images to shame. They look muuuch better printed on aluminum.

Mike HanI’m going to finish the Photo Blog with the person who’s clothes I ruined, because I had the most fun with her piece that she brought into District VII. This is KT Andresky with a piece that involves 3 light bulbs connected to a computer that switches them on and off to 16th notes. I made a quick music composition and it was a wonderfully transparent process to show in the most simple sense where visuals meets technology meet music. That’s it for now, let me know if you’d be interested in covering something too. There’s plenty going on around Detroit!