Winter Photo Blog / 2011

Winter Photo Blog / 2011

It’s time for me to clean out the pictures from my harddrive that I have from shows and studios I visited in the cold dreary months. Listed here are some of my favorite works that didn’t get a mention in the press or on, but for me at least epitomize Detroit.

I’m noticing too that I’m subliminally finding College for Creative Studies people in every other shot, perhaps I’m being seduced into a cult! I’ll put an asterisk if there happens to be a… presence.

Sabrina Nelson’s Hands (@ her studio)*

The head of an avatar representing Leon Johnston’s group of freshman. (@ CCS, Ford campus on the 2nd floor)*

CCS Fine Art students and an art piece that is meant to be a time machine, which it actually is, because I’m having mad déjà vu from the times I’ve watched my college roommates play videogames for hours… I’m not entirely convinced these students even know why this performance is so profound, but whatever. (@ CCS, Ford campus in the basement)*

Winter Photo Blog
Another CCS Fine Art student piece, whose it is, I don’t know, but I like the color. (@ CCS, Ford campus in the basement)*

Michelle Tanguay’s installation for the Blank Artists, the owners of the bar liked it so much they sent me a letter, which confused me, but she’s going to be a resident artist, so congrats to her! (@ Park Bar)*

Winter Photo Blog
Whitdel Arts held another successful ‘hang your own work’ show. These are Deborah Kashdan’s portraits. (@ Whitdel Arts)*

Another from that show by Patricia Nadon titled, A printmaker and a dancer who enjoy painting and occasionally share a sm0ke, Duct tape and paint. (@Whitdel Arts)

Winter Photo Blog
Wall hangings by Steve Foust (@ Whitdel Arts)

Winter Photo Blog
A small piece, I think it’s by Graem Whyte, but I could be wrong, at the MCBW Anniversary show (@ Motorcity Brewingworks)*

Winter Photo Blog
Taurus Burns’ Solo Show (@Motorcity Brewingworks)*

Taurus Burns (@Motorcity Brewingworks)*

See how it’s a good thing I’m documenting these shows? Almost all the works were sold! We won’t see all of these works together like this again until his retrospective. (@Motorcity Brewingworks)*

Another show of an individual’s small pieces, famous framer, John Rowland (@ Susanne Hilberry)*

John Rowland (@ Susanne Hilberry)

Clinton Snyder inspecting a John Rowland up close. (@ Susanne Hilberry)*

Winter Photo Blog
Selections from the collections of Allen & Carol Schaerges, this one’s handmade paper by Gordon Newton. (@ Cass Cafe)

Rabbit by Michael Luchs (@ Cass Cafe)

Ha! Perfect transition, a painting of Cass Cafe but not at Cass Cafe by Robert Piatek (@ Cafe 1923)

All Smiles by Heather Blackwell (@ Lemberg Gallery)

A little Mark Newport. (@ Lemberg Gallery)

Careful not to step on Cynthia Greig’s skull, or the floor. (@ Butcher’s Daughter)

Sorry some of these photos are blurry, and there were wayyy more images I wanted to post, but if you got a problem with mine perhaps you should start your own photo blog eh?
See you at an opening.