The Public Art Project Call for Artists! Currently up: “Everything at Once” (Krieger, McGillis, Snider)

The Public Art Project Call for Artists! Currently up: “Everything at Once” (Krieger, McGillis, Snider)

Do you ever wonder what your work would look like if you could blow it up in scale and make it public? The billboard on Woodward Avenue and Maplehurst in Ferndale has a beautiful new collaboration piece and your work could be next! It’s a street level venue that is seen probably by thousands of people each day. In order to get an idea of how high the bar has been raised (it has even grown roots!) we have some photos of the mockups and images of the past works that have graced the 23 foot long billboard. Below is the mockup for “Everything at Once”

“Our motive for this project was to undo all the calculation common to outdoor media and play with the idea of the ‘billboard’ and public space. The work is about the organic process of merging three ways of creating, rather than delivering a planned ‘message’.

Our approach was to first build on the shared interests that link our artwork; such as a sense of place and the narrative potential of landscape. Then each contributed signature concepts to synthesize a setting: Andrew Krieger’s interest in escaping the painted surface and movement: Michael McGillis’ fascination with scale and the depiction of nature; Clinton Snider’s revealing the value assigned to object and forms.

The result is an intentionally offset overlapping of three viewpoints that provide raw material for individual conclusions.” – Krieger – McGillis – Snider

Jump for joy for a job well done!

Past billboards:

Kelly Frank & Allison Wong – Spring 2011

Kathleen McShane – Fall 2010

Vagner Whitehead – Summer 2010

Kate Hardy – Winter 2004

Phaedra Robinson – Spring 2003

Hartmut Asten – Summer 2002

Lynn Crawford

“For nearly two decades motorists and pedestrians traveling the Woodward corridor have enjoyed the street-level installations created by artists from throughout the United States. The Public Art Project (formerly known as “the Billboard Project”) is a Michigan nonprofit organization. This installation was partially funded by a grant from the Ferndale Community Foundation.”

If you are interested in sending on a proposal or would like more information you can contact Darlene Carroll