Detroit Gallery Week Introduction

Detroit Gallery Week Introduction

Detroit’s Gallery Week will start September 30.  With over 16 galleries and museums participating, it will be difficult to visit each one. With that in mind, I’ve  reached out to several galleries to give their staff the opportunity to introduce their space to you, and to let you know what you can expect to see when you visit them during Gallery Week. We are also grateful to professional photographer, educator, artist, and all-around great guy, Jack Summers, who agreed to take photographs of some of the participating venues.

So starting with the interview below, I will publish interviews with various venues that will participate in this year’s Gallery Week.  These interviews should give you an overview of the venue, and hopefully whet your appetite to come Downtown during Gallery Week and experience what Detroit has to offer.

This interview series begins with one of Detroit’s newest galleries, Long-Sharp / Curis Modern + Contemporary Fine Art gallery – a blue-chip gallery in Harmony Park which happens to be next to one of my favorite restaurants Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine (Restaurant Week starts today! I will publish more about Restaurant week on Monday).  JJ Curis and her husband Anthony teamed-up with Rhonda Long-Sharp to bring Downtown works by Picasso, Warhol, and other notable artists.

Long-Sharp / Curis Modern + Contemporary Fine Art gallery

You can also read a good article about the gallery at The Detroit News: Blue-chip Gallery to Open in Downtown

theDetroiter: When did your gallery open?

Long-Sharp/Curis: We did a soft opening September 2nd.

theDetroiter: What is your background?

Long-Sharp/Curis: The background of the partners in Long-Sharp/Curis varies significantly.  Rhonda Long-Sharp is an attorney with vast experience in fine art.  Anthony Curis is a Detroit native and entrepreneur who is committed to Detroit’s revitalization.  Curis’ wife, JJ, brings her accounting skills to the forefront.

theDetroiter: What is your gallery’s focus?

Long-Sharp/Curis: Our primary focus is on blue chip modern and contemporary prints and multiples with a special emphasis on museum quality works on paper by masters such as Picasso and Warhol.  Our secondary focus is on works by established contemporary artists whose works have been exhibited in museums, are in important collections, or who have a solid auction history at top tier auction houses such as Christie’s, Phillips de Pury, and Sotheby’s.

theDetroiter: What can patron expect when they come to your gallery during gallery week?

Long-Sharp/Curis: We will be giving away Russell Young posters and showing a Russell Young video.

theDetroiter: What are the pluses and minuses of running a gallery?

Long-Sharp/Curis: It is expensive and time consuming to run a gallery.  That is especially true when the gallery, such as ours, was established to set a high standard of excellence in the community for quality works in quality exhibits.  That said, it is a labor of love to do this in Detroit.

theDetroiter: What is your philosophy about viewing new art?

Long-Sharp/Curis: The selection of the artwork and exhibits, along with curating the shows, is the primary responsibility of Rhonda Long-Sharp.  Her experience, as well as connections in the art world, assist the gallery in bringing in world class pieces and important exhibitions.

theDetroiter: How would you describe the Detroit art scene?

Long-Sharp/Curis: Exiting. Avant guard. On the verge of an eruption that will make the world take notice.

theDetroiter:  What impact do you want to make on the Detroit art scene?

Long-Sharp/Curis: First, we intend to contribute to Detroit’s thriving art scene with our energy.  Second,we intend to show those outside the city that we believe in Detroit by opening this blue chip gallery in the heart of downtown.  Third, we intend to compliment the already thriving Detroit art scene by bringing quality works and exhibits to the city — like those one would expect to see in other notable art cities such as Manhattan.  Finally, we intend to assist in putting Detroit on the art map — where it belongs.

theDetroiter:  Do you have any favorite artists you would like to mention?

Long-Sharp/Curis: Long-Sharp/Curis will carry works by a small number of artists whose names are synonymous with fine art.