Global Cuisine

Global Cuisine

Planning my dinner excursions for Detroit Restaurant Week (DRW), I chose to start off with Atlas Global Bistro. The restaurant offers an eclectic ‘global’ menu with influences from French, Indian, Asian and Middle-Eastern cuisines, which ultimately translates into a flavorful meal!

Walking into Atlas we were promptly greeted and seated in their spacious dining area, where the surrounding windows offer natural lighting and great views of the surrounding midtown corridor. An ideal place for a casual business luncheon, or an intimate dinner with friends and loved ones.

Besides its charm, Atlas Global Bistro had a variety of unique dishes for their DRW menu. For those that may not be familiar with the Detroit Restaurant Week menu, you order three dishes (appetizer, entrée, and dessert) for $28 per person. Don’t flinch at the price, it’s actually a great deal considering you would probably spend about $50 – $60 per person at some of these dining establishments.

An unexpected twist on this prix fixe menu, as our waitress explained, was the fact that Atlas would allow you to choose any three dishes off the DRW menu for $28. So you could order 2 appetizers and an entrée, or 2 entrées and dessert, or three desserts for that matter. What a brilliant idea! I was tempted to order two apps and an entrée, but I decided to stick with the traditional format of appetizer, entrée, and dessert.

Now, moving onto the highlight of our meal – the food!

Decisions. Decisions. What to order? So many great selections. I decided to start with the House-cured Salmon Gravlax, then for my entrée I ordered the Pan-roasted Muscovy Duck Breast, and ended my meal with a slice of Sweet Potato Cake.

Let me start out by saying that each dish was beautifully presented, carefully crafted, and tasted wonderful!

Salmon Gravlax (Served with sweet corn cakes, red onion relish, apple-celery root-fennel salad and grainy mustard vinaigrette) – Great cured salmon, without being overly salty. The seasonal veggies (apple, celery, & fennel), onion relish, along with the delectable corn cakes paired nicely with the salmon. There was a great harmony of flavors in this dish!

Muscovy Duck Breast (Confit of leg ravioli, braised baby fennel and orange-red peppercorn sabayon) – A smaller portion size than I was expecting, but it ended up being the ideal serving size. I left the meal full without feeling stuffed. The duck was perfectly cooked, the flavors from the sabayon were fantastic, and the fennel and carrots were perfect compliments to the pan-roasted duck. Great balance of flavors!

Sweet Potato Cake – A perfect Fall dessert. Hints of cinnamon & nutmeg surrounded this lush sweet potato cake, and the pie crust had a nice contrasting texture.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Atlas Global Bistro DRW dining experience. The food was fab, the service was attentive without being overbearing or pretentious, and we were in and out within 45 minutes, awesome!

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