Thoughts about TEDx by Carol Hofgartner

Thoughts about TEDx by Carol Hofgartner

In a couple of weeks, we will introduce you to Carol Hofgartner who is the Executive Director of Art Road, which is an amazing organization that brings art education to schools in need.  Carol will provide with insight about art education and she will provide us with updates about the great work her organization is able to accomplish.  Carol was at the TEDx Detroit 2011 conference yesterday (click here to review PDFs of the presentations). 

Carol was struck by the lecture by Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Maestro Leonard Slatkin.  He talked about how an arts education shaped his life, and he talked about the overall importance of an arts education. 

WDET’s Rob St. Mary wrote a great article about the lecture here. 

This lecture made Carol think about her program, and she shared the following observation with us:

Why support the Arts?  Just Do It!  While I  listened to Leonard Slatkin speak about the need for people to demand arts programming, students were in an art class because of Art Road Nonprofit.  Art Road brought art to students just like Maestro Slatkin’s art teacher Mrs. Otto inspired him.  Our students were being taught by Ms. Carrie, who is a Fulbright Scholar and Cranbrook Academy of Art Graduate.  At that very moment in time at the TEDx, Ms. Carrie taught the students how to paint Starry Night by Van Gogh, and the students’ teacher said he was so proud of the art that he was going to hang all of the artwork in the hall for all to see.  Another teacher told Ms. Carrie that she had no idea how talented her students were.

Just Do It!  What ever your passion is, just do it.  This is my take away from the TEDx Detroit speakers yesterday, they are all having fun filling a need and just doing it in their own way.