Artist Spotlight: Austin Brady

Artist Spotlight: Austin Brady

With our last spotlight, we wanted to showcase an up and coming artist.  Austin is a student at CCS who draws with great dexterity, and shows a spirit for experimentation and a passion to learn more and to grow as an artist.  So he is someone you should keep on your radar because he has the right building blocks to make an impact on Detroit’s art scene.

Because we wanted to make sure you can spot him to put him on your radar, here is your introduction to Austin Brady.

Thedetroiter: When did you start creating art?

Austin: I began at a very young age; my Mom still has an abstract pastel drawing from when I was 7 framed in her living room. Then, in middle school and high school, I really made art my life.

Thedetroiter: What style do you consider your work?

Austin: I would consider my work a huge, eclectic, shamanistic, spew-pit. I like moving and shifting, I don’t want to get too comfortable with one way of doing things.

Thedetroiter: Does beauty play a role in your work?

Austin:Beauty plays a huge role in what I do, but it is equaled by profanity and the grotesque.

Thedetroiter: How have you developed as an artist over the last five years?

Austin:Since moving to Detroit and beginning CCS 2 years ago, I feel like I have gotten so much better at honing my skills as an artist. I have also moved from the conceptual framework of what a work means, to what a work does to those who experience it. I have also gotten into film and sculputer recently so there is a lot of good things brewing.

Thedetroiter: What is your process?

Austin:I dream and wander around. I sketch constantly, I find myself investing more time into sketches then I do on the final project. Ideas for a projects fly through my head and I just need to get them down before they escape me. When it comes to creating the final piece, my work area becomes a mine field. I lay everything out and play music really loud.

Thedetroiter: What is the most difficult part about your process?

Austin:I find it difficult to make sure I keep momentum. I hate when I have a project that is half finished and I no longer feel attached to it or keep telling myself I will get back to it and never do. I have made a real effort in the last few years to finish everything I start.

Thedetroiter: What inspires you?

Austin:Nature, Detroit, and everyday experiences are big ones for me; we are so immersed in such a fast and instantaneous culture, it is difficult to say just a few points that I am inspired from.

Thedetroiter:Who are your favorite Detroitarea artists?

Austin:Most of my favorite artists in Detroit are my peers and professors. Leon Johnson has been a great friend, a wonderful teacher, and one of my favorite artists. Musical artists in Detroit are amazing too. I have been making art to the sounds of the White Stripes since I discovered their self-titled album.

Thedetroiter: What’s next?

Austin:I am really excited to start showing in local galleries and get my name out there. I have also been lightly involved with SIGNAL-RETURN print shop in the Eastern Market and hope to be more involved in the next few months.