Highlights from Art Class

Highlights from Art Class

Have you ever received a new lap top computer for winning an art competition,or had your art chosen for a holiday card that went to 3,0000 people, or had your drawing included in an 85’ mural, or had your artwork selected for the cover of a published book, or had your sketch be the inspiration for a steel sculpture?

All of these amazing experiences are happening in elementary schools that lacked art in their curriculum for years, because Art Road Nonprofit is bringing art back to schools.  Dontae, a third grader, said that it made him happy to see his car drawing in the 85’ mural that is at his school, Charles Wright Academy of Arts and Science, a Detroit Public School that would not have art class if Art Road did not provide the instructor and the art materials.  When Dontae’s classmates cheered and clapped for him he had a huge smile on his face.  Jamea looked a bit shy when all the students were clapping and cheering for her and her artwork of the L.O.L. girl on the mural, but she too had a big smile on her face.

Reginald was a 4th grader at Edison Elementary School when two years ago his sketch was chosen for the inspiration of a steel sculpture that was unveiled on the front lawn of his school.  Reginald told me that he would not miss a day of school because he loved art and math.  Sadly, the sculpture was stolen, but as one student said that they may have stolen our sculpture, but they can’t steal our creativity.  We raised funds to create a new sculpture that will be based on a students drawing and unveiled in the spring of 2012.

Experiences like the ones mentioned here are a part of Art Road Nonprofit’s artistic excellence, because I remember the feeling I had when I was younger and my painting of a sailboat was selected to be in an art show at the library.  Art and music at an early age allowed me to see the world.  In high school I played the bass viol and when I was sixteen, I went on an orchestra tour to Europe for thirty days in the summer.  This lead to my love of travel, and during my Master of Architecture studies at the University of Michigan, I was fortunate to have been selected to study architecture at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. 

Without art and music at an early age, I would have not had the opportunity to travel, study, and work in the architectural field and create a nonprofit to bring art back to schools.

Carol Hofgartner is the Founder and Executive Director of Art Road Nonprofit.  Art Road’s mission is that children throughout Southeastern Michigan have access to art instruction.  To learn more, volunteer or donate to bring art back to schools, please visit their web site at:  www.artroadnonprofit.org