Letter from the Editor — Artist Spotlight

Letter from the Editor — Artist Spotlight

I love good conversations. I love those conversations where you learn more about yourself. Artists create artwork to open a dialogue. If you listen and engage, you are open to great artwork, which can tilt your perspective on life, which can make you grow, which can make you a better conversationalist.

This week we spotlight several artists. We will hopefully introduce you to your next favorite artist. These artists all have unique voices. Voices that they share visually, yet here they provide added depth to their work and their process through a traditional Q&A. Please use the comments to ask any of the participating artists follow-up questions.

This week we also focus on the business of being an artist. Artists are entrepreneurs who run into marketing and legal questions on a regular basis. So we will have several 101 articles to help artists with the business (the ugly) side of their practice.
The spotlights and 101 articles will be regular features at Thedetroiter.com.

So please use the comments sections, or email me at colindarke@hotmail.com, with any suggestions for future artist spotlights or 101 articles.

Now go hug an artist – they make our lives better.