Outside Inspiration: Noah Becker

Outside Inspiration: Noah Becker

For our first “Outside Inspiration” installment, I looked to our friendly neighbor: Canada. Because Canada houses Noah Becker’s enormous creative spirit (Well, to be more accurate, Canada and New York City try to house Noah Becker’s enormous creative spirit — he goes between the two often, and is currently in New York). Noah is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Whitehot Magazine–A brilliant magazine that covers contemporary arts on an international level. And Noah is a visual artist, whose lush paintings of individuals with striking manes provide viewers with an unexpected appreciation of the beauty and allure of hair. And Noah  is an accomplished Jazz musician.  And, here is some more information about this outside inspiration:

Thedetroiter: What or who inspires you?

Noah:  A lot of different people– usually people like Charlie Parker and Velasquez, Rimbaud and my mother.

Thedetroiter: What is your process?

Noah:  The great works of the past are always humbling – Goya, Velasquez, Rubens. I look at a lot of great art as part of my process.

Thedetroiter: How has your art career changed over the past five years?

Noah:  I’ve found a way to show internationally on a regular basis. Also I am friends with a few celebrities now, art stars mostly.

Thedetroiter: What is Whitehot Magazine?

Noah:  Whitehot Magazine is an internationally based magazine dedicated to contemporary art.

Thedetroiter: Why did you start it?

Noah:  My needs were not being met online for art criticism, so I filled this gap with over 3,000,000 words – we are nearing the 3,000th article now.

Thedetroiter: Are there any similarities between your art practice and your publishing practice?

Noah:  That’s a very tough question, I get asked to compare art, music and writing all the time. It’s not really up to me.

Thedetroiter: How do you juggle being an artist, jazz musician, writer, and publisher?

Noah:  I have lots of people working with me now, some great people. Also we made a feature film this year which is a new thing for me, film is exciting. I don’t sleep very much, I go to bed at 5am most times.

Thedetroiter: What do you look for when viewing new artwork?

Noah:  I think some people look at how it’s made not what it is. I think about how different people might perceive things instead of having a fixed perspective.

Thedetroiter: Do you have any mentors?

Noah:  My mentor died a few years ago his name is Glenn Edward Howarth a Canadian painter.

Thedetroiter: How do you define success?

Noah:  Success is being yourself.

Thedetroiter: How can Detroit attract artists/musicians/writers/publishers like you?

Noah:  Detroit has been coming up a lot recently, my friend the New York collage artist Michael Anderson has been doing some interesting things there. It looks like a lot of great things are happening in Detroit so I would just “keep on keepin’ on” so to speak.