Sponsored Article — New Liquors at Old Favorites

Sponsored Article — New Liquors at Old Favorites

Just over a month ago, Atlas Global Bistro owner, Nicole Barbour, and consultant, Paul Silveri, were approached by a liquor rep about a new beverage brand, High Liquors. The chic restaurant in the Brush Park District, is know for its organic, global cuisine, as well as its craft cocktail menu and expert bar tenders. Silveri meets with liquor reps several times a week, and welcomes new, unique brands that will complement the restaurant’s cuisine and atmosphere. High Liquors is a new ultra-premium beverage brand offering four spirits: tequila, vodka, whiskey, and rum. The products are sourced from independent distilleries around the world, and custom packaged in Temperance, Michigan.

Enticed by High’s slogan, “One Brand. Full Bar,” Silveri agreed to sample the four product lines. Upon tasting each spirit, Silveri was impressed with the natural flavor of each, and their classy, modern packaging. He believed the products would be a great fit for the restaurant, and Atlas’ bartenders would enjoy liquor that works well with mixed drinks, but also on the rocks.

High Liquors co-founders, Brad Wright and Chris Lawson, developed the idea for High Liquors in 2009, when, over cocktails, they discussed the gap in the market for one brand carrying a full line of ultra-premium spirits. “We were frustrated with the vast differences in quality that all of the premium alcohol brands possessed,” says Lawson. “If there was a vodka brand that you love, but you also like tequila, you had to go the extremely expensive route of trying all the tequilas out there in hopes of matching the quality of the vodka brand you enjoy. That’s because your favorite vodka brand only makes vodka.”

Wright and Lawson were determined to produce the highest quality product in each category, so they did not limit themselves to one distillery for their whole line. Instead, they spent almost two years sampling spirits from the most renowned independent distilleries in the world, ensuring that the products they produced were made from the highest quality ingredients. Ultimately, they selected four distinct distilleries for their spirits; High Rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, High Vodka in Ketchum, Idaho, High Tequila in Tequila, Mexico, and High Whiskey in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Currently, High Liquors is distributed in Michigan, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and launching in several new markets, including Atlanta, in 2012.

Despite the current economic climate, and the restaurant’s normal ups and downs, Atlas has grown about 3-5% each year since 2009. Located in the Cultural Theater District, the restaurant caters to an eclectic crowd of students, artists, locals, and business people. The venue reflects a style one would typically see in Chicago or New York, so stands out against other restaurants in Detroit, offering a non-pretentious, but upscale dining experience.

“High Liquors was in line with what Atlas represents: offering unique, high quality products to all walks of life,” explains Silveri. “And, High spirits come from all over the world, so they fit with our global cuisine and perspective.” The products are selling well, and continue to do better as Atlas’ bartenders educate their guests about the brand, and the liquor is featured on the cocktail menu. Silveri also chose to display the line in High Liquors’ Glorifier, a unique, lighted display for the four High bottles, which draws attention to the brand.
For those interested in enjoying High Liquors from home, the brand is available at beverage stores in Michigan, including Super Fine Wines and M.L. Spirits. For more information about the brand, visit www.highliquors.com.

Atlas Global Bistro is open Monday-Friday for lunch from 11:00am-3:00pm; Monday-Wednesday for dinner from 4:30pm – 10:00pm; Thursday from 4:30pm – 11:00pm; Friday-Saturday from 4:30pm – 12am; and Sundays, for brunch from 10:00am-3:00pm, and dinner from 4:30pm – 9pm. More information is available at www.atlasglobalbistro.com.