Art Therapy in the News

Art Therapy in the News

For some, art can be a healing method – Gilmore considers art therapy a key to her recovery. “It was the first time I was able to express what I was going through,” said Gilmore, now 28. “For many years, I had suppressed so many emotions. The safest and most comfortable way of expressing myself was by making works of art.”

Williamsville Wellness Announces Digital Art Therapy Program – Program utilizes new technology to provide an easy drawing experience and enhance the continued benefits of taking home the piece and continuing to work on it.

Art Helps Unlock Forgotten Memories – Painting could help people with Alzheimer’s disease unlock some of their past memories.

Can creativity calm an anxious mind? Professionals offer advice on how to control anxiety – Anxiety and panic rise to another level of physical and emotional response and recurrence. Engaging oneself in creative pursuits, to the point of healthy distraction, can help manage symptoms, according to healing arts supporters.

The New iPad Retina Is Therapy-Ready And Helping Heal Souls – Williamsville Wellness, a residential gambling and alcohol treatment center, has taken the iPad a step further by implementing it into their successful art therapy program.