Art Detroit Now Newsletter – July 26, 2012

Art Detroit Now Newsletter – July 26, 2012



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July 26, 2012 – News, exhibitions, openings and events.

The Henry Ford Museum


Maker Faire Detroit 2012 

Motor City’s finest creative minds, tinkerers, and innovators will be at the Makers Faire to show off their creations and inspire.  Projects always run the gamut, with a healthy balance between the whimsical and the practical.  Don’t miss this two-day, interactive and family-friendly event that takes arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology projects and the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset to the next level. It’s a celebration of unbridled creativity and discovery that will blow your mind.

Saturday, July 28 & Sunday, July 29. 


The Carr Center


Creative Duet
The Carr Center, Your Home for the Arts in Detroit, presents ‘A Creative Duet’, a visual arts exhibition featuring the works Sabrina Nelson and Timothy Orikri.  The evening includes an opportunity to meet the artists, an Artists Speaks session with a discussion by the artists of their art and musical duets by pianist Shane McKeever and DJ Craig Huckaby.

Opening Thursday, July 26, 6-9pm. 

Show runs through September 4.

The Glass Academy


Hot Glass + Cold Beer

A spectacular glassblowing beer tasting event. New this year: Green Handcrafted Glass Tumblers! Enjoy Michigan Breweries, Food Samples from Amazing Restaurants and Vendors, and LIVE Glassblowing! Get your tickets now because this event will sell out!

Thursday, August 2, 5-10pm.







This public discussion will focus on the changing nature of curating and museum practice in the 21st century. Focusing on the role of curators, this panel offers an inside perspective on how curatorial work and practice has evolved and changed along with the contemporary art world. This is an opportunity to discuss the importance of and context for curating. We have convened curators from a broad spectrum including museum practice, contemporary collections, curating work in the public realm, and curating for festival/biennials as you will note from the confirmed presenters below. This discussion will be moderated by Rebecca Hart, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art, DIA.


All are welcome to attend this discussion. Please RSVP to Tarya Stanford at

Saturday, July 28, 1-4pm at the Detroit Institute of Arts.





E, I Know it Begins with E



When Alice went through the looking glass, she came across a wooded area where people and things were nameless, and all she was able to remember of her own name was “L, I know it begins with L”, missing her initial by one letter. The French feminist Luce Irigaray used this sentence at the beginning of her book, This sex which is not one, to illustrate a moment of trouble when things and individuals are not yet affected by a formal designation. The exhibition E, I know it begins with E reuses this formula with the aim of rendering a possible space in tension, where entities are in the making and where an interval is always getting between a thing, its given name and their overall comprehension.



Opening Friday, August 3, 6-9pm.
Conversation August 5, 3-5pm.  








Gallery Project presents Creature; a multimedia exhibit in which 30 local, regional, and national artists explore the endless proliferation and variation of human and animal life forms.  Skeletal, mechanical, reptilian, botanical, invisible, furry, robotic, erotic, massive, tiny, passive, aggressive, fragments and hybrids — all symbols of life that artists make to celebrate Life’s daunting, dazzling layer cake.



Show runs through August 26. .