Art Detroit Now Newsletter – August 16, 2012

Art Detroit Now Newsletter – August 16, 2012



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August 16, 2012 – News, exhibitions, openings and events.

Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography



Open Source Video Installation

Five video works and installations by artists: Jason Ferguson, Jordan Wayne Long, Thomas Friel, Joe Sobel, and Timo Ohler.
Opening Friday, August 17, 6:30-9:30pm.


Show runs through September 8.






Jesper Just:  The Nameless Spectacle

Visitors encountering Danish artist Jesper Just’s This Nameless Spectacle will find themselves captivated in stages, as the experience of viewing it unfolds over time. In this breathtaking installation, as in much of his work, Just situates the viewer in his signature landscape of beauty, provocation, and a general uneasiness that is as seductive as it is ominous. The storyline is at once deceptively simple and perplexing: a wheelchair-bound protagonist travels through a neighborhood in the outskirts of Paris to her apartment, while a young male character appears to follow her. Once home, she is able to leave her wheelchair but is overcome by a powerful seizure. One of Just’s unique strengths is his ability to engage the viewer in an open-ended, unresolved narrative in a manner that is more intriguing than frustrating. I


Opening Saturday, August 18.  
Show runs through December 9.



African Art and the Shape of Time

African Art and the Shape of Time explores how African art gives material form to diverse concepts of temporality, history and memory. African art is often interpreted in Western analytical frameworks as expressions of timeless myths and rituals, interrupted only by the colonial encounter. African Art and the Shape of Time complicates such conventional views by considering diverse modes for reckoning time and its philosophical, social, and religious significance.

Opening Saturday, August 18.
Show runs through February 3.


River Gallery


Artist Talk:  Sue Moran and Ashley Lieber  

Good news lovers of all things green and art. Sue Moran and Ashley Lieber will be at the River Gallery to join you in conversation about their recent show “forest, field, farm”. You will hear all about Sue’s farm inspired shibori textiles and Ashley’s compositions of moss and lichens.

Artist talk Saturday, August 18, 2pm.    


Pewabic Pottery

 Members Only Annual Summer Sale 



The Annual Summer Sale is Members Only event. Pewabic Society members can receive UP TO 50% off overruns, seconds, and imperfects, including a wide variety of gift tile, vases, and architectural tile. 10a-5p Sat Aug 18. Pewabic’s Design Team will be on-site to assist with your projects.     

 Saturday, August 18, 10-5pm.





Start Gallery



Rob Adams


Start Gallery is proud to present Rob Adams in his first solo gallery showing.

Music and adult beverages will compliment the art on the walls.  This is also an official listening party for Full Effect Records artists Marion Crane and White Pulp.

Opening Saturday, August 18, 7-11pm.




Fourteen – Eighty Gratiot


The Superior Bugout

The Superior Bugout presents an evening with artwork by a traveling duo working under their hobo moniker aliases “Monty” and “The Boozehound” sharing their photos, sculptures, and diatribes of the road along with very loud live sounds produced by Detroit’s own Sheefy Mcfly, Pupils, Mexican Knives, LT Dan and The Sugarcoats.   


Opening Friday, August 17, 7pm.  




Motor City Brewing Works

Small Scale
One night only at Motor City Brewery. Three artists:  Sue Carman Vian, Rose DeSloover, Lois Teicher.

Sunday, July 22, 2pm.



Book Beat  

Book Beat is celebrating it’s 30th anniversary and is planning a party for its patrons and the community. A large group of guest authors and artists will be in attendance to sign and meet guests including; David Small, Dan Austin, Nancy Shaw, Paul Vachon, Kathryn Madeline Allen, Jean Alicia Elster,  Dan Ewald, Tracy Gallup, Kathe Koja, Rick Lieder, Cyd Moore, Denise Crittendon, Jim Gallert, Susan Whitall, Leni Sinclair, Gary & Laura Grimshaw, Tracy Bilen,  John “Detroit Blogger” Carlisle, Amy Ashley, Denise Brennan-Nelson, Bill Rauhauser, and David Tarver.

There will be live music, artists, authors, refreshments, prizes, a Mexican taco truck and an outdoor tent to help contain the celebration. The party is free and open to the public – come celebrate with your locally-owned, independent bookstore.

Saturday, August 19, 12-5pm.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

30th Anniversary African World Festival
Detroit’s largest ethnic festival, presented for the 30th year by the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, establishes a proud new tradition this Friday as it is held on the Museum grounds, surrounding streets and connecting green spaces. The City of Detroit will close adjacent streets to accommodate one of the most widely anticipated events of the summer.  


Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19, 12-11:30pm.