Art Detroit Now Newsletter – August 30, 2012

Art Detroit Now Newsletter – August 30, 2012

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August 30, 2012 – News, exhibitions, openings and events.

Gallery Project



Quantified Self  


Quantified Self is a multimedia exhibit in which over 30 local, regional, and national artists examine how individuals collect and often project information about themselves and others in the digital world. Artists examine the quantified self from two

 unique perspectives: one, how information about individuals is collected, stored, processed, and used by these individuals and communicated to others; and two how entities collect information about individuals and groups for commercial and other purposes.  Examples are self-projections in cyber space, self-monitoring of health and other behaviors and obsessive collecting of self-defining artifacts.   

Opening Friday, August 31, 6-9pm.

Show runs through October 7.     



Detroit Institute of Arts 


Vermeer: Must See Masterpieces
Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to experience one of Johannes Vermeer’s thirty-five known works, on view for five weeks only at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Patti Smith: Camera Solo

This is the first American museum exhibition to focus on the photography of artist, poet, and performer Patti Smith. Smith’s photographs are infused with personal meaning and highlight the rich relationships between art, architecture, poetry, and the everyday.

Last day Sunday, September 2. 

Arts, Beats & Eats 


Royal Oak’s 2012 Festival

Featuring a diverse selection of local and national talent, the Juried Fine Art Show is a can’t miss starting point for all festival-goers. In 2012 the Arts, Beats & Eats Juried Fine Art Show was voted 4th in the nation by Art Fair Sourcebook. The Art will be located once again in the Southern portion of the festival and will expand on to Lincoln Street to allow room for more artists, as well as more comfortable browsing for our guests.

Thursday, July 19, 6pm.



Hatch: A Hamtramck Art Collective 



32nd Annual Hamtramck Labor Day Festival    


Artists from all over the Metro Detroit area set up a to form an Artists Alley along the main street of Joseph Campau.  Once again, Hatch will be operating a booth and selling art by their members.    


September 1, 2 & 3, 12-10pm.    



Woods Gallery 


Angel Busque: On the Scene
Illustrations and Paintings by Angel Busque and Steven Gamburd. Featuring renderings of local musicians, original concert posters, and music-themed art. Musical Performances by Ian Pinchback, Jeff Jablonski and more.

We lost our beautiful friend Angel Busque on June 8th due to complications of Lupus. Come and view the duo’s work that showcases the open mic and local musicians. Proceeds from the sale of the work go to the Lupus Foundation.

Opening Thursday, August 30, 6:30-8:30pm.

Show runs through September 27.

Janice CHarach Gallery  


Why Some? 

“Why Some?” is a breathtaking collection of stark and poignant present-day photographs by JCC Executive Director Mark A. Lit. With images from Israel, Poland and Madjanek Concentration Camp, the exhibit takes guests to a world both painfully familiar and yet unknown, with images and scenes that make the heart weep.   


“Why Some?” is making its premiere at the Janice Charach Gallery before moving on to a national tour. 

Show runs August 30 through September 27.  







All are welcome as The Wright Museum hosts an opening reception for the latest Contemporary Artists Exhibition, “Great American Artists: Roots, Branches, and Seeds – Part III: The Seeds,” featuring works by Sydney G. James, Mario Moore and Endia Beal.  This program is free and open to the public, and light refreshments will be served.

Great American Artists is an exhibition of new figurative works by artists Christopher Batten, Endia Beal, Halima Cassells, Alonzo Edwards, Sydney James, Gregory Johnson, Richard Lewis, Mario Moore, Sabrina Nelson and Senghor Reid. Through a series of studio visits, collaborative meetings and documentation, these artists developed a consortium with two major goals in mind: to increase collaboration among artists in Detroit and to strengthen the network of artists who employ similar themes in their work. It was understood that they would continue to create amazing works of art that would engage and inspire their audiences.


Opening Thursday, September 6, 6-9pm.