Healthy Detroit – Grown in Detroit & Kombucha Sangria

Healthy Detroit – Grown in Detroit & Kombucha Sangria

By Angela Kasmara & Greg Newsom

We’re very pleased to remind everyone to bring their recycling to Eastern Market this coming Saturday May 3rd! The drop off point is at the corner of Russell and Wilkins and is open between 9 am and 1 pm. By utilizing this drop off you’ll be encouraging the powers that be to make it a weekly occurrence. With Summer on it’s way wouldn’t it be nice to get your recycling and market shopping done in the same breath? It’s a great way to save on gas, keep it local and interact more directly with our community.

Speaking of local, May 17th marks the return of the Grown in Detroit urban farmers to Eastern Market! Urban Agriculture in Detroit has gained national attention, most recently from Oprah, and this is your chance to directly support the heroes on the ground of this movement. You’ll find the Grown in Detroit tables in the newly remodeled Shed 2. We actually prefer Grown in Detroit produce to organic as we can talk directly to the farmers about their growing practices, find out what their soil is like, and ask what type of pesticides, if any, they use. Local farmers tend to use higher quality standards than most organic farmers, but most importantly you can connect a face and a local plot of land to your food! Local produce is also much more sustainable, as the cross-continent transportation of food burns incredible amounts of fossil fuel. By supporting our local farmers we’ll inspire an increase in production and help to grow a healthy Detroit.

And finally, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we are sharing Angela’s recipe for one tasty batch of Sangria … it includes kombucha, an intensely healthy tonic, but one sip and you will be sold! Enjoy and have a healthy week Detroit!

Angela’s Special Sangria ~ serves 4-6

This drink is refreshing, tasty and good for you! Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea that is a wonderful health tonic, providing a great source for beneficial bacteria, amino acids and more. Learn more about its benefits at The fizz of kombucha is a great healthy substitute for the club soda or pop that is typically in sangria. Use the berry-flavored types of kombucha – such as cranberry or grape – they mask the vinegar taste. You can also make this drink without the wine, just use your favorite fruit juice and you have a great non-alcoholic fruity punch!

4 c. vegan wine, red or white – you can also use non-alcoholic wine, or any type of fruit juice
1 bottle kombucha in any flavor
1 c. pineapple or other fruit juice
½ c. fruit juice concentrate, such as pomegranate or cherry
1 c. pineapple, cubed
1 c. strawberries, top cut off and halved or quartered
1 c. mango, diced

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or punch bowl; chill in the fridge until ready to serve. Pour sangria and some of the fruit into a glass filled with ice and serve.

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