Letter to the Editor: Strip Auto Despair From The Front Page

Letter to the Editor: Strip Auto Despair From The Front Page

It’s time to strip the auto industry stories of despair from the front page.  With bailout money in place, the situation seems to be going in some direction and a higher power will ultimately determine its fate.  Plenty of great things are happening in the City and region, but have become “white noise” lost in the drone of the auto industry woes.

I have always been a contrarian by nature and tend to not go with the crowd. When it came time to expand my business, I chose Detroit.  I found I had comfort level with the area, having spent many summers here with my father who was a GM executive at the time.  As a business owner with seven sites located across the eastern United States, our Detroit office has become the fastest growing in only three years.  With great people, solution-based customer engagement, constant process improvement, strong corporate responsibility, support/buy local mentality and respect for the environment, our commercial flooring service is thriving. 

We are not alone.  With hard work and sound practices, businesses like RD Weis are determining their own fate without the benefit of taxpayer money or stimulus.  We’re not just in business to make money, we’re here (in Detroit) to build relationships and make a difference… in more ways than one.

Hey Detroit, put those Midwest values to work. Let’s move forward. 


Randy Weis, President

RD Weis Companies