Mom2Mom and Dad2Dad at the Russell Bazaar

Mom2Mom and Dad2Dad at the Russell Bazaar

The Russell Bazaar will host the “Mom-2-Mom and Dad-2-Dad Event” inside the recently renovated Exhibition Center Showplace.
This event will run during the weekend of April 24th through April 26th and will offer many opportunities for moms and dads as well as plenty of activities for children of all ages.

The “Mom-2-Mom and Dad-2-Dad Event” begins on April 24th at 8am.

People that are interested in setting up a table need to get there early, as space is provided on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited to the first fifty vendors that show up to the Russell Bazaar and although there is no fee for being involved in this special weekend, vendors must provide their own table.

“Mom-2-Mom” resale events are a great way for parents to get together to buy, sell or trade the clothes, toys and baby items that children grow out of very fast. These events provide a solution for families to control their budgets as well as clear their closets and garages of items that their family has outgrown. The Exhibition Center Showplace will be full of incredible bargains on these items as well as many different variety items such as video games, strollers, pregnancy clothing and much more. The list of merchandise that will be available is unlimited and mothers and fathers from all over the Metro Detroit area will be able to come and find just about anything that their family could need.

These types of events happen all over and are usually found in churches and schools. What sets this one apart is that there will be lots of activities and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. This is a three day event and each day offers fun and learning for everyone. There are seminars teaching how to maintain a healthy environment for your kids as well as safe sleeping habits and car seat safety. The Russell Bazaar will also be hosting character shows with popular children’s cartoon characters, face painting fun, kid’s craft shows, a moonwalk bounce and a kid’s talent show. All of these events will add excitement to the already busy weekend traffic in the Russell Bazaar and will provide good times to be shared by people of all ages.

Russell Bazaar
7500 Chrysler
Detroit, Michigan 48211

For More Information, call 313.972.7009


Where: The Russell Bazaar, Detroit

When: 8:00AM-5:00PM

Tix: Free admission and free exhibition