Luciano’s Wine Dinner at Luciano’s in Clinton Twp.

Luciano’s Wine Dinner at Luciano’s in Clinton Twp.

Great wine begins in the vineyard!  Airfield Winery is the largest producer of wine grapes in Washington state, totaling over 850 acres of vineyards.  Some of these vineyards are amongst the best in the state.  The vineyard is located at the foot of Rattlesnake Mountains in the Yakima Valley. All of the vineyard blocks are situated within a 3 mile radius of the orifinal WWII airbase.  These are World Class wines with the write up and the medals to prove it.

The incredible menu follows:

Airfield Chardonnay served with Calamari and Shrimp Ai Ferri – grilled shrimp topped with an oil/herb vinaigrette.

Airfield Cabernet served with Eggplant and Ricotta – fried eggplant stuffed with our ricotta and topped with a ripe red tomato, basil and garlic sauce.

Airfield Bombshell served with Rigatoni and fresh tomato, basil and garlic sauce – This sauce is lighter then the eggplant sauce and Luciano puts his own special touch on this one.

Airfield Merlot served with Barbeque Short Ribs – Barbeque sauce is Lucianos special recipe with a splash of orange zest served along side pan-fried potatoes and onions.

Airfield Merlot served with Cotelettes – N.Y.steak cut very thin, breaded and pan fried served with ammoghio sauce on the side (which is a fresh tomato, garlic and basil sauce).  Served with pan fried potatoes and onions.

Airfield Riesling – Rosa’s Homemade Cheesecake and Cannoli

This menu is specially made by Luciano himself freshly made daily, so please know that Luciano is showing off his hard work and great Italian cooking.  He takes a lot of pride in serving his customers quality!

Monday, May 11, 2009, starting at 6:30 pm

45$ Per Person – Call TODAY, limited seating.

Where: Luciano’s (on Garfield Rd.), Clinton Twp.

When: 6:30PM

Tix: $45.00