Bethany Shorb’s “Crash” at 323East

Bethany Shorb’s “Crash” at 323East

Friday Jan, 15th 2010 from 6pm -11pm
Special Musical Performance by Justin Carver from “Something Cold” and Deth Lab

alt textHood ornament: From Shorb’s Car Crash series

For the opening of Bethany Shorb’s “Crash” An automotive themed art show. Inspired by the J.G. Ballard novel Crash and the Normal song “Warm Leatherette” Bethany designed a line of automotive ties for Cyberoptix, her hand-screened necktie company.

Expanding on her the automotive themed neck-wear, Bethany has created original works of art, photography and the big reveal -Supplemental Restraint System: Reclaimed Deployed Airbag featuring silk screened impressions of dead celebrities.

These are the works of an imaginative artist and photographer named Bethany Shorb who took the mundane reality of neck-wear and proceeded to give it a twist or two in new directions – with bold color, bolder materials, and the novel idea that a traditional symbol of subservience could be transformed into “a subversive object of desire.”

alt textSupplemental Restraint System: James Dean Imprint
- Frontal Passenger.
850 Dernier Nylon, waterbased printing ink, thread.
[Reclaimed Deployed Airbag]
Bethany Shorb, 2010

Reaching that milestone was aided immeasurably by Shorb’s other talents; besides photography, she is trained in sculpture, costume design, and prop construction. And THOSE accomplishments, we hasten to add, are complemented nicely by her brutally direct understanding of what see sees or what she wants us to see. Shorb has tackled a variety of subjects and (as evidenced by a recent exhibit inspired by J.G. Ballard’s novel CRASH) her “eye” is not a blinking one by any stretch. Something is heated to an almost unbearable degree in her works.

323East Fourth in Royal Oak, MI.