Art Detroit Now Newsletter – May 17, 2012

Art Detroit Now Newsletter – May 17, 2012


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May 17, 2012 – News, exhibitions, openings and events.

Detroit Institute of Arts


Joyce Scott:  Motivated by the Challenge to Live and Create Authentically

For more than three decades, visual and performing artist Joyce Scott has created objects of exceptional skill and beauty. Much of her work is politically or socially oriented, as in beaded figurative sculptures that focus on issues of racism, domestic violence, and cultural imperialism. In other work, she pursues aesthetic satisfaction, the joy of experimentation, and growth in creativity.
Lecture Sunday, May 20, 2pm.

Re:View Contemporary


Artist Lecture & Tour:  Greg Fadell, Nothingness

In Nothingness, Greg Fadell’s large black and white canvases serve as a container for both his physical painting process and his liberating mental exploration of “nothing.”  With self-created brushes and water based paint formulas, Fadell successfully achieves a push-pull experience using only black and white layers of gesture.  The contrasting tonalities draw the viewer in with a perceived sense of depth. However, upon closer investigation, there is not the expected thick build up of paint, but rather a thin film that deceptively resembles a photographic print-a literal flatness of surface. This duality of depth and flatness provides a unique visual dialog each and every time the viewer engages with the paintings.

Greg Fadell’s exhibit book, Nothingness, will be available for purchase during the event.

Artist talk Saturday, May 19, 5-7.


Alison Pebworth’s Beautiful Possibility and other thoughts

DEPE Space artist-in-residence Alison Pebworth lectures about her recent research project which is comprised entirely of discussions with the general public while traveling across the United States.

Beautiful Possibility, by Alison Pebworth, is a traveling exhibition and research project that takes the nomadic experience of itinerant explorers and traders and the traveling culture of Medicine and Wild West Shows as inspiration for engaging others about what it means to be American.

The first segment of the project launched from Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA in April 2010. For the seven months that followed, Pebworth toured an exhibition of painted banners, map and survey station to venues from California to the Dakotas and southern Canada, accompanying the show in a small travel trailer for the duration of her solo journey.

Artist talk Thursday, May 17, 7-8pm.



Ron Zarkin:  Still Life With Drum Machine

Ron Zakrin has been a creative force in Detroit for more than 15 years, producing electronic music on Ersatz Audio and Interdimmensional

Transmissions imprints under several monikers including

Ghost 200 and Goudron.  Zakrin’s passion, like many other artists raised in that era, was fueled by the seminal Detroit radio show hosted by The Electrifying Mojo. The show featured DJ’s like Jeff Mills who introduced Detroiters to an innumerable amount of new musicians, including countless up and coming electronic artists.

Opening Friday, May 18, 6-11pm.


Public Pool

Michael McGilles:  Reckoning a Peripheral Wilderness

An Installation by Michael McGillis concerning the cycle of growth and disintegration; concerning the wild free-range beauty of weeds that grow and flower from cracks in the pavement or sides of buildings where dirt has blown and accumulated; concerning beasts like coyotes that lope through fields and parks and steal pets and spill trash and wander hungrily for the forgotten or the maimed; concerning the fact that though we cut away trees and shrubs and pull up roots and spray poisons and pound and pave the earth, it will crack and roots will find soil again; concerning the idea that nature is a force that may one day reclaim our city, our suburbs, our alleys our homes, concerning the brilliant ferocious 2nd law of thermodynamics, Entropy, which all things move toward; concerning the truth of dirt, of seed and sperm, of fertility and the thoughtless ingenuity and tenacity of nature.

Opening Saturday, May 19, 7-11pm.

Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center

Adnan Charara: The Story of the Hammer

Multi-media artist.  Whimsical, important, current.

Mosaic Artists of Michigan

Representing the resurgence of fine art mosaics.

Still Detroit: Photographs by Robert Beras

Urban landscapes.

Opening Friday, May 18, 6-8pm.
Show runs through July 6.

The Bankle Fine Art Building


Jerry Vile: The Secret of Life…Revealed

For over 25 years, the sub cultural undertow known as Jerry Vile has pulled at Detroit’s collective conventionality through humor, satire and Art – which at times has skirted the boundaries of political correctness gleefully and succinctly.Whether delivered through music, social commentary, visual art, media or even through the sacrosanct institution of journalism, the former publisher is presently known as the Impresario of the 14 year Erotic art tradition, The Dirty Show, Vile has continually influenced the medium- as well as the message.

The Secret Of Life…Revealed is called an Art Spectacular, and for good reason. It’s a cocktail of odd projections, kinetic sculpture, painting, performance, and writing that pays as m homage to Andy Kaufman as it does to Duchamp. It is certain to be an underground (subterranean) happening, with pieces that will remain in memory years after the one night event.

$5.00 “Art Viewing Fee”, (which can be waived by wearing a blindfold.) You must be 21.


Saturday, May 19, 7-10pm.

Rivers Edge Gallery


Language curated by Sartori Circus

We use some form of language all the time, from our voice, to our bodies, to signage in the environment around us, to the written word, to what comes from our imaginations. We apply this knowledge to a selected surface whether it be clothes, paper, canvas, rock, steel, a dance floor or a theater space. These are ways we communicate, sometimes together and sometimes alone. In some regard, we’re always telling a story, always performing, always sharing. This exhibition is a story of how different languages placed under one roof together can talk, move, listen and create a uniquely singular story. A story that contains thought, color, line, shape, personality, volume, guts and sacrifice. A story that melds together cultures and ideals. I think artists are very unique and different individuals, and through whatever medium we choose and work in, we are always communicating using our own language to reach out to the viewer.

Opening Friday, May 18, 6-11pm.

Show runs through June 16.


Infinite Argument

Announcing the opening of Infinite Argument by Norwegian-born New York-based artist Timon Botez.  Infinite Argument is an electro-acoustic soundclash – an orchestral shouting match, a multi-structure, multi-channel sound installation performing non-linear compositions based on anger and conflict. It’s livid, loud and large.

Opening Friday, May 17 at 7pm.

Show runs through May 28.

Re:View & Scavolini


NIAGARA & Three Review Artists

Co-founder of the seminal proto-punk art collective Destroy All Monsters (with the late Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw), NIAGARA is preparing to present her newest body of work in her first solo exhibit in her hometown, Detroit, in nearly eight years, at

Re:View Gallery in July. In this new exhibit titled “War Paint,” NIAGARA explores the roles of women during wartime, specifically World War II, in her trademark Comic Panel narrative style, infused with color, attitude and wit.

Re:View brings NIAGARA to Scavolini with a collection of recent works that precede her new solo exhibit, in a unique opportunity to see up close some of the works that make this artist one of the most relevant figures in contemporary art today, and converse with NIAGARA herself about what inspires her to be in Detroit today, and the multitude of references that inform her work.


Opening Friday, May 18, 6-8pm.

Show runs through July 6.

Next Step Studio


Spring Happening

Joan Rasmussen:  Mixed media and clay

Mark Chatterly:  Clay sculptures

Graceann Warn:  Wax encaustic paintings on wood

Rebecca Myers:  Jewelry trunk show

Opening Saturday, May 19, 6-12pm.

Show runs through June 30.


Clinton Snider

Show runs through June 16.



Call for Submissions


DLECTRICITY is looking for 25 innovative projects to light up Midtown Detroit. The Open Call is on now through May 28. Selected projects will receive up to $2500 in project expenses, in addition to a $1000 honorarium.

Deadline Sunday, May 28.

Open Call Information Session at MoCAD

We’ll be going over the event, the open call process, the guidelines, and answering questions. It is open to all who are interested in applying for DLECTRICITY. Please RSVP by May 18 to or 313-808-8332.

Saturday, May 19, 11:30am.