Art Gallery Parties to Save the Opera House

Art Gallery Parties to Save the Opera House

A Detroit gem gives its all to save another Detroit gem!  This Saturday you should visit 4731 Arts Incubator/Gallery for what is sure to be a memorable event that includes an art show, fashion show, and music event — and as an added “feel good about yourself” reason you should go to this great event, there is also a fundraiser for the Detroit Opera House.  As you may have read, the Opera House (now known as the Michigan Opera House) needs to raise $3 million to get its finances in order.  You may not know that the Opera House is a true cultural prize for the City and the State of Michigan — many major cities do not have an opera house.  Operas often have a bad rap of being stuffy, but the Opera House is far from stuffy and it presents operas that are easy to understand and experience.  The Opera House stages operas in a way that speaks to the human condition in true, memorable, and inspiring ways.  The Opera House gives a venue for voices that have the ability to shake your foundation and evaluate the questions in life that really matter.

Recognizing the Opera House’s importance, 4731 Gallery will host “Young, Wild and Free in the D” on Saturday, May 19, 2012, starting at 7:00 pm @ 4731 Gallery, 4731 Grand River, Detroit.  4731 Gallery is just west of Wayne State University on Grand River, and it will play host to a celebration of Art, Music, Fashion and Youth, as it opens its 2012 season in Detroit. With the focus on new and emerging talent, in a variety of disciplines, the audience will have the opportunity to once again energize itself in the festive air of the historic 4731 building.

Visual talent includes those of Christopher Batten, Matt Lewis, Taurus Burns, and more, while the clothing couture features designs from Adriana Pavon of the Detroit Fashion Collective, Sydney James of G.R.I.N.D., and Fotoula Lambros of F.L.D & WorkRoom.  They will take the stage at 9:00pm-11:00pm for an elaborate fashion show. The event will conclude with a DJ’d after-party that will run until the refreshments exhaust themselves.

4731 Gallery is located at 4731 Grand River, near Warren Ave. Admission is FREE to all ages, with lighted, secured parking. Opening will begin at 7pm, Sat. May 19th, and will carry on through 2am.

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